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HAVE YOU EVER STRUGGLED TO WASH your face in the sink or had difficulty getting up and down on the toilet? The Knee-Bo is a stylish and inconspicuous new installation or retro-fit accessory to allow the user to raise the height of their Bathroom / Toilet fitments to alleviate the pain, discomfort or simple inconvenience of using such items if you are a sufferer of back or knee pain Whether you suffer from a bad back, painful knees, stubborn hips of any other mobility problem, then Knee-Bo may be the answer. Designed for the knees and the body, Knee-Bo is an innovative new product which has just entered the market and is set to help thousands of people throughout England use their bathroom more comfortably. Designed by qualified nurse Hannah Windrass, the Knee-Bo is a universal plinth designed specifically to overcome some of the challenges of visiting the bathroom. Whether shaving or toileting the plinth will raise the accessories to lessen the strain on the knees and back.  
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