The concept and design of the Knee-Bo has been developed by Hannah Windrass, who worked for many years as a nurse. From her experiences of being a nurse and from her own knee and back problems, Hannah decided there must be a way to make life a little easier in the bathroom.  The only accessory available on the market to aid those with back, knee or hip problems, are padded toilet or large plastic toilet seats. “Having suffered from back problems during my career as a nurse, I have first hand experience of how uncomfortable these are to use and how unattractive they look in a modern bathroom. As a nurse I also had concerns about the hygiene of these devices as in a family home these seats are often kept on the floor or behind the toilet when not in use which can allow germs to breed." It has taken Hannah many years from inventing the concept to having it ready for the British market. Hannah has undertaken a difficult challenge as she has worked alone on this project taking responsibility for producing a prototype, carrying out market research, putting the Knee-Bo through various tests and marketing the product. Hannah says "Although we are still at an early stage in the business I have already had a number of tests carried out and have all my certificates for safety”. The Knee-Bo has been tested by RAPRA, one of the best governing bodies on testing mechanical safety of products."  Made from the finest grade material and manufactured in the UK. Research has also been carried out to see how easy it is to install the Knee-Bo in your own home to ensure that customers can adapt their bathrooms easily and efficiently. Ideally, the perfect time to purchase a Knee-Bo is when you are considering changing your toilet, sink or bidet as it can be installed at the same time as your bathroom.   However for those who require the Knee-Bo but don't want to change their suite, then all that is needed is a plumber. The knee-Bo has been specially designed to make it as easy as possible to install in all bathrooms. Hannah explains: "It was very important to me that the Knee-Bo could be easily fitted to all bathrooms. The way it has been designed allows a plumber to simply extend the cold water and hot water pipe to accommodate the Knee-Bo with minimal disruption to your bathroom." The Knee-Bo is produced in a range of different colours to match your bathroom suite and fits seamlessly between the base of your toilet, sink or bidet and the floor.
Products Knee-Bo - aid for those with back, knee or hip problems  
Can be fitted to almost any pedestal. Manufactured in various colours  to help match with your existing suite. The Knee-Bo fits seamlessly between the pedestal and the floor making it easy to keep hygienically clean.
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